what is the Strategy-Operations continuum?

Most professionals despise operations but have some sort of love for strategy and I think it totally okay.

But I think it is important for everyone to understand the importance of operations even in building and executing strategy.

Unless and until one understands operations, one can’t strategize and even with a great strategy if your operations are sub-optimal, the strategy falls flat.

On a related note, I always saw strategizing operations to be as important as operationalizing strategy.

As much as you can’t go into operations without having a strategy, you cannot keep holding onto your strategy without testing it by operationalizing it.

It might seem like a bit of wordplay but in my experience, this entire space has got many layers and hence has a lot of implications in a wide variety of aspects, not just at work but in life too.

So I continue to argue that the strategy-operations continuum is extremely important, both at work and in life. What really matters is if you are ready to appreciate the full strategy-operations spectrum or stick to only one side of it.

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