Is there a strong link between Coaching & Human Potential?

I strongly believe in the power of human potential. Okay, what does that mean?

Until I turned 19, I was almost sleepwalking through my life. I would not understand what potential meant.

When I met someone who is visually challenged, I had a moment of realization that each one of us has immense potential.

Since that day, I have been on a journey of studying, discovering and trying to unleash human potential within myself and those around me.

You could say that they are lofty words but I can come up with a ton of real-life and personal stories that make me say so.

To accept the innate potential I assumed to possess and then to start the journey of helping others believe in themselves by tapping into their own potential was a long arduous one.

While I intuitively knew that I would like to help others in some form, it took several years for me to stumble upon a method, give a name and figure out a process to actually do that.

It is called ‘Coaching’.

As I started learning about Coaching, I found it to be extremely intriguing and even more useful as I practised to help others.

It is unfortunate that most people including the highly educated do not fully understand what Coaching means, in the context of unleashing Human Potential.

One of the biggest reasons for this is just the lack of awareness and also because of the fact that it has always been reserved only for a select few / the elite, in most organizations. I was not convinced of this approach and wanted to do so something about it.

So in 2020, I enrolled myself in a deep dive program to learn and apply this unique set of human skills.

Since then I am humbled to clock in over 350+ hours of practising Coaching. After all the experimentation, I am convinced that there is a strong link between Coaching and Human Potential.

And there is much more to coaching which I will cover on this website.

Stay tuned.

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