Introduction to Swaroop – New Beginnings in 2023

Since most people in the world celebrate the new year as per the Gregorian calendar, I think 1st January is just a convenient day to start a new chapter in our lives (just FYI, I celebrate ఉగాది as my new year because of my roots).

So in 2023, I am starting this website. The intention is more intuitive than logical however here is how I see this decision will benefit me and others.

1. This helps me to put everything I write/do under one roof at

2. I can have more control over my digital life. I know it could be just a bias

3. Perhaps it adds a tinge of authenticity to my public profile

4. Those who are interested in my thoughts/work can find it in one place

Since it is still at an early stage for the website, I am including this bio-link as a start to provide insight into my portfolio (if at all I can call it so).

Do check out my LinkedIn profile where I managed to garner ~6 million impressions in 2022 alone.

Also, these days I am actively participating in conversations and organizing spaces on Twitter. It is a coincidence that Elon Musk took over Twitter since I rejoined the platform.

Before I end this boring intro, I invite you to check out this thread where I shared my story.

Follow this website for regular updates from me.

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