In search of “who am I?” again

It might sound weird that I am coming back to this conclusion one more time but I realized that it is important to keep this adventure of writing a personal newsletter going.

Some of you know that I started one on Substack in 2020 but life took me in different directions which was great. I got a learn a wide range of things like creating content on various topics that piqued my interest and understood a little more about how this thing called creator economy works.

Long story short I am kinda back to square one but with a slightly richer experience after several trials and errors. To see life as a series of experiments is quite interesting, engaging and sometimes challenging too. I use the three adjectives mindfully.

Interesting because you are not bound by anything thing forever and can keep your interest alive by moving from one project to another.

Engaging because you are not optimizing for results but for your experiences and as long as you are excited to keep working on a topic you are totally engaged.

Challenging because when you are doing things you will start seeing the world differently and also sometimes get influenced by people around you, there won’t be a lot of success in the short term or even in the mid-term, things take a very long time to succeed and you need to accept the grind the commitment demands from you.

I now also have a website of my own which I want to build for the long term mostly with an intent to explore myself. I am learning the downside of having tags and labels describing me as a person. Is it my job that creates an identity for me? Is it the place I come from? Is it the language I speak? Is it my beliefs that propel/limit me? To be honest I don’t know but I want to use this space to know myself at a much more deeper level than I am currently aware of.

I still remember the day I was literally pulled by an unknown force in 2017 to travel 30+ km on a Sunday evening and ended up reading this document in front of a large photo with a person whose name I heard several times.

The question I was asked repeatedly was who am I? I quickly learnt it is not any wordplay or just a philosophical lens but an extremely practical way of living my life and studying myself in this time and space.

Hence maybe one of the reasons I am re-starting this personal newsletter is to use it as a channel to find many answers, not one, to the question of who am I?

“After negating all of the above mentioned as ‘not this’, ‘not this’, that Awareness which alone remains – that I am”

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