Do you think my writing goal for 2023 is dumb?

I have a special writing goal for 2023.

The special goal is to write without worrying about any sort of metrics.

Yes, in the last year when I started writing actively on LinkedIn I managed to achieve more than what I would’ve ever dreamt of.

I never thought a million is a small number in terms of the reach for my random thoughts.

But I started feeling not enough even after clocking in not 1 but 2, 3, 4, and 5 million impressions.

That is why I am catching myself again not getting trapped in these vanity metrics.

Starting with the intention to write for “an audience of one”, I kept pleasing myself to go beyond myself, only to find how easy to fall prey to the external world.

2023 Writing Goals

So in 2023, I am coming back to my original reason, i.e., to write for myself.

I know many people might think this is similar to going back to the comfort zone but after studying myself enough I strongly feel I am committed enough to do things when there is no one looking over my shoulders.

“Forget about the bestseller lists, the gallery openings, and the shining lights. The creation of fulfilling creative work is the result of losing yourself in the moment.”

― Srinivas Rao

The only clarification I must add here is, I am well aware of how important it is to ensure whatever we write is shared with the world so it reaches those who need it and helps them feel entertained, educated and enlightened.

While my endeavour would be to do justice to this thought, I would take it with a light approach of pleasing myself before I please others.

This is the special writing goal I’ve for 2023 – to please myself – both with quantity and quality, variety and depth.

Let us begin 2023 – a year to be filled with writing, editing and shipping – everything available within this website itself.

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