How writing online helped me get better?

A few months back I reflected on my journey of writing on LinkedIn and came up with four reasons.

I hope these details will help you in case you are starting out.

1. Accept
It was during my coach training program in 2020, I re-connected with my passion to write, mostly as a form of reflective journaling with an intent to accept my own thoughts.

Last year I was going through my own set of lows while languishing and then I took to writing to embrace myself and my situation.

It worked out wonders for me. Writing to accept made me work on all levels and yet I feel like I am only getting started.

2. Attract
When I initially found that my write-ups are helping others, it increased my satisfaction level and I doubled down my efforts to be consistent.

I started to write for “an audience of one” but eventually I learnt that it can help attract interesting people into my life.

While I would love to grow my reach and attract a lot more people I remain rooted in my work and know that I should not fall for the vanity metrics.

3. Amplify
Many times I felt the need to voice out my thoughts because I am convinced that silence does more harm than being assertive.

When there is so much going on around us, I wished to be myself while amplifying my thoughts, as a form of learning to grow by assuming responsibility and also caring to call a spade a spade.

I believe that voicing our thoughts openly can help increase our confidence and eventually enable us to do the good that we deserve to do.

4. Act
I recently had this insight that writing is a great process to help move from ideation to execution.

Writing has been helping me to take action and avoid illusions. I look forward to continuing this journey further and at the same time, I am very keen to find more reasons to write.

What are your reasons for writing (or not writing)?

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